Grape Leaves

Stuffed Vine Leaves

Our Ready Meals are prepared per Mediterranean recipes to suit the Mediterranean taste. However, per customer requests, we can produce these products according to the customers’ recipes. All the products in Ready Meals line is prepared with fresh, seasonal and Read more ›

Grape Leaves in Brine

This product is used to prepare Stuffed Grape Leaves which is a traditional and ethnic food. Our Grape Leaves are selected and picked at the beginning of the season; they are ideal in color and size, fresh and thin. Our Read more ›

Pickled Organic Vine Leave

Wrapping foods such as rice, meat, and vegetables Can be used in salads or as a garnish for appetizer plates Organic Product

Stuffed Grape Leaves 314ml Tin

Made to a traditional Turkish recipe Great as an appetiser, or as part of a meze selection Great eaten cold or warm 15 pieces to a tin Easy-to-open can Ready to eat.